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Simton is an R&D firm and original vendor of hardware and software products and solutions in ICT and IoT. Simton welcomes partners around the world to work together for local markets in the following proposed forms.

Regional Well-Known System Integrators
For the big and very capable system integrators that have broad market resources and internal development experience, Simton will provide technical training at system level and hands-on development based on Simton API/SDK. Simton will provide value added services when needed by the system integrators.

Regular System Integrators
For the system integrators that have projects but no strong software development teams, Simton can provide business and technical training to concerned parties and can work together with the system integrators to meet customer requirements and to even complete the projects together at choice of the system integrators.

Direct Customers
It is possible that Simton may be approached directly by a customer, in the case that the region has no Simton partners yet. Simton may complete such project with help from selected near-by partners.

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