Powerfulness in Simplicity

Rapid System Integration and Easy
Add-on Application Development

1  B/S architecture, eliminating specially made consoles and terminals

The ICP all-media unified ICT+IoT platform uses B/S architecture, allowing any PC, iOS device, Android terminals to be used as “console” without special software other than a web browser.

2  Multi Console Correlated for any Size of Tasks

For the same task, multiple consoles by different people can concurrently work together. On the other hand, one person with one console can work on multiple tasks at the same time.

3  Distributed and Modulated Architecture Making Selection of Functions Easier

The ICP platform uses distributed and modulated system architecture allowing easy selection and composition of modules and functions for different projects and easy addition of new modules for newly required capabilities.

4  Rich Set of SDK to Empower the 3rd Party Software

The ICP offers a rich set of SDK libraries, with which the 3rd party can empower its existing products with ICP while maintaining the existing same user interface and user experience. The ICP libraries can be embedded into the 3rd party software, or the ICP system can be as a subsystem to be integrated to a large project solution.